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Chicken Kicking Competition
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Bronze Quest Icon.png Bronze Quest
Preceding Treasure of the Ghost Pirate
Succeeding None
Start Oakvale
End Oakvale
Reward Silver Key
Chicken Hat

The Chicken Kicking Competition is a Bronze Quest only available in Fable: The Lost Chapters. To gain access to it, the player must first get rid of the ghost on the Southeast beach in Oakvale by completing the Treasure of the Ghost Pirate quest. Once the ghost is gone, the competition will be available to play at the pier on that same beach as many times as you like. Note: Even after completion, the quest will still stay active.


The goal of the competition is to kick a total of 5 chickens into the highest scoring areas on a three-by-three grid. There are five rounds and four-point values you can score every round: 10, 25, 50 and 100 points. The Hero must stand in the kicking area behind the line. Note: Crossing the line will result in a lost round.


Diagonal kicks to the far left and right of the grid will score you higher points than straight ones. The force (and therefore distance) of your kick is affected by your Strength and Top Speed Skills. Taking a run up will deliver a stronger kick. There are different prizes for different scores. Upon reaching a high score, the game master says, "Maybe I haven't been feeding them enough lead."


Score First Win Subsequent Wins
50 Points Cock-A-Doodle-Do expression 50 Gold
150 Points Silver Key 150 Gold
250 Points Chicken Hat 250 Gold

Note: There is no special prize for scoring the maximum of 500 points.

Scoring Area[]

The Hero must stand in the kicking area or you will lose a round. This is the layout of the scoring zones:

 100 Points   10 Points    100 Points 
  50 Points    25 Points    50 Points  
  25 Points    10 Points    25 Points  
                          Kicking Line                         
             Kicking Area            

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