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Chicken Chaser
Chicken Chaser.png
Type Side Quest
Preceding In Wolf's Clothing
Succeeding A Day at the (Chicken) Races
Start Brightwall
End Brightwall
Reward 10 Guild Seals
Trophies Chicken Trophy

Chicken Chaser is a quest in Fable III. It becomes available during the quest Leaders and Followers.


The quest starts with Bernard's chickens having run away. Bernard tells the player that the chickens are far craftier than anyone would believe, and then gives the player the chicken suit. The player must then put on the chicken suit and begin the search. Your dog will bark when you are near a group of chickens. Approach them and interact with them - you will cluck and then the chickens will begin to follow you. Return to Bernard with the chickens following you to return them. After bringing back all three groups of chickens a scene will play between Bernard and Patsy arguing about what should be done with the chickens.

Moral Outcomes
  • 50 Good for siding with Patsy and saving the chickens.
  • 50 Evil for siding with Bernard and killing the chickens.

Chicken Locations[]

First Group[]

On the road beneath the broken arch leading to Bernard.

Second Group[]

Continue down the road the first group was on and turn right at the stylist shop. The chickens will be out in front of the houses at the end of the alley.

Third Group[]

Continue across the bridge from the stylist heading towards the town gate. The chickens are near the statue in front of the town.


Bernard and Patsy's chickens have run amuck.

Good Conclusion[]

Your acts have made you a legend among chickens. Assuming they possess any capacity for higher cognition. Which they almost certainly don't.

Evil Conclusion[]

Bernard's chickens are no longer a threat to anyone. You, however, are a menace to all that is decent or rational.


  • When leading the chickens back they will sometimes cluck in a manner similar to a marching song.
  • On accepting this quest the player permanently receives the chicken suit.
  • Completing this quest opens A Day at the (Chicken) Races quest regardless of whether you save or kill the chickens.
  • "Chicken Chaser" is a possible nickname for the Hero of Bowerstone in Fable II.
  • It is possible to gather all three groups of chickens before returning to Bernard.
  • The first title given to the player in Fable, Fable Anniversary and Fable: The Lost Chapters is Chicken Chaser.


  • Occasionally, the chickens won't follow the hero after they've been lured. This will cause the game to hang if you attempt to return to Bernard luring all 9 chickens. If this happens, quit out of the game and relaunch it. The chickens will now follow you.
  • On the XBOX: if you get chased by the guards and try to complete the quest, the game will crash.

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