FableII Charles
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Granny Miggins (Grandmother)
Enemies Hollow Men
First Appearance Fable II - Rescuing Charlie
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive (if good)
Dead (if evil or unable to save him)
"Ah, a fellow explorer! What spiffing good luck! Maybe you can help me?"
— Charles

Charles, referred to as Charlie, is a character featured in Fable II. He is an adventurer who resides with his grandmother, Granny Miggins.

The Hero of Bowerstone finds Granny Miggins inside the Gypsy Camp, extremely upset after losing her grandson, Charlie. She claims they were having a picnic for his birthday when he wandered off and she was not able to locate him. Throughout the conversation, she refers to Charlie as if he were a small child. The Hero sets out into the Bower Lake area in search of him, thus starting the Rescuing Charlie quest.

The Hero locates Charles within the Tomb of Heroes, which is infested with Hollow Men. Charles turns out to be a grown man, who resents being called Charlie and resents the childish treatment he receives from his grandmother. After helping Charles delve deeper into the tomb, Charles and the Hero discover a sarcophagus. While Charles attempts to open it, the Hero must defend him from waves of assaulting Hollow Men. Once it is opened, it is revealed that the sarcophagus once held the Normanomicon, but it was previously taken by Max and Sam Spade, who graciously left a note apologising to future adventurers for cursing the tomb.

Afterwards, Charles and the Hero flee the tomb. If Charles is killed along the way, either by Hollow Men or the Hero, the Hero can either give Granny Miggins Charles' hat, causing her to mourn her fallen grandson, or equip the hat, causing Granny Miggins to mistake the Hero for Charles. Either way, she gives the Hero the Golden Burden augmentation. Alternatively, if Charles survives, Granny Miggins will declare that Charles is a very bad boy, and give the Golden Burden augmentation to the Hero as a reward for saving her grandson.

Trivia Edit

  • If Granny Miggins is Charles' grandmother on his father's side, then Charles' full name would be Charles Miggins.
  • Charles' hat is identical to the All-Weather Chapeau, part of the male middle-class outfit, which becomes available for purchase at Knothole Island after the Knothole Island DLC has been dowloaded.
  • If Charles is killed and the player is playing as a female Hero, attempting to deceive Granny Miggins by wearing Charles' hat may not work, unless the Hero is also wearing a moustache.
  • When you come to rescue him, Charlie will ask who sent you, and at once guesses that it was his grandmother. He will then state that the Hero has no idea how demeaning it is to be ordered around by an old woman, but the Hero can in fact relate to it.
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