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Disambiguous.png This article is about the temple. For the quest, see Chapel of Skorm (Quest).
Chapel of Skorm
Area of Darkwood
Chapel of Skorm.png
Location Information
Related Quests Chapel of Skorm
Exits Darkwood Camp
"In Darkwood, you will find the Chapel of Skorm. Please the deities there, and they will let evil into your soul..."
— Guildmaster

The Chapel of Skorm is a location in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. It is a deadly shrine dedicated to the devil of Albion, Skorm. Here, evil Heroes donate other people's blood to the worshipers of Skorm to receive the gifts of evil. This is also the place where you can obtain the ultimate bow: Skorm's Bow.

Map Description[]

Skorm himself is said to listen to the beseechings of those here.


The Chapel of Skorm can be reached by taking the second path away from the Darkwood Camp. When travelling to the Chapel of Skorm, regardless of the time of day, you should notice the sky turn a blood red. This is a clear sign showing that you're going the right way.

The Temple[]

At the Chapel of Skorm you can sacrifice followers to Skorm to receive his gifts. You can obtain various gifts, such as the title Necromancer and 4-10 years age reduction, although the most treasured and valued gift is the infamous Skorm's Bow, the strongest bow in Fable. You will also get Evil Points based on the time at which the sacrifices took place.

Best Time to Sacrifice[]

An acolyte of Skorm

The latest speedrunning strategy - which has been tested using cheat engine and debug - is sacrificing the Twinblade's Camp henchman at 12am on a Sunday.

Wait until a Saturday (Every day that is a multiple of 7 is a Sunday, so day 6, 13, 20, 27, etc. are Saturdays), hire the henchman in Twinblade's Camp (make sure he has max health when the time comes), and use a moonfish when you get to the Temple. Every in-game hour the henchman will be paid 7.5 seconds before the top of the hour, so when the payment indicates that it's nearly 12am, wait three (3) seconds and then start the dialogue with the acolyte. Skip all the dialogue as fast as you can. NOTE: The cutscene showing the victim floating onto the alter doesn't matter because the game has decided whether to give you Skorm's Bow immediately before it even begins playing.


There is also a quest related to this place of the same name.

Fable II[]

In Fable II, it is learned that the Chapel of Skorm was destroyed and was later replaced by the Temple of Shadows.


  • The Chapel of Skorm's early name was Chapel of Evil.
  • To the left of the temple's entrance, there should be a chest containing an Assassin's shirt.
  • In the Trader Escort quest, you can sacrifice one (or two) of the traders that accompany you for some extra Evil points. It is recommended to leave the trader you wish to keep alive in Darkwood Camp to keep him from accidentally being sacrificed.
  • If you sacrifice someone here you will lose 10 years of age. Note: it only happens once, unless you get it during the Trader Escort quest and Hero Save it.
  • The only way to know the best time to sacrifice is to look at your alignment bar in your menu. There are 6 bars on each side, and neutral in the middle. Each bar should be translated as 1 hour of night. If you are completely good, your sacrifices must take place just before sunrise, and if you are completely evil, your sacrifices must take place just after sunset. It is a common misinterpretation that the optimum time for sacrifice is at exactly midnight, but this is most likely because the people who did it had a neutral alignment.
  • After the the Bandit Spy Extraction quest, the contact in Bowerstone North, Tanya, will tell the player a message: ..."''remember, the blue nymph crouches at a quarter past three." ''This has to do with the correct moment to sacrifice the victims (the best types are the bigger mercenaries.), which is several seconds after the offscreen bandit yells "''Lights out, you horrible lot!".''
  • It is revealed in The Lost Chapters by the Oracle that Skorm does not exist, and the temple was built by a ruthless trader on a site where the will energy was particularly strong, tending towards evil. The trader that found the area and built the temple demanded gold from those who felt their power. The trader also built the Temple Of Avo.
  • If the player chooses to attack the two attendants in the chapel, a disembodied voice will say, "Fool! My acolytes are your channel to me! Now they will show my anger!"
  • Fishing in the water within the chapel is believed to yield larger fish as well as a higher ratio of moonfish with respect to total fish caught.
  • Many assets can be found in the game files, that hints at the Chapel being bigger earlier on in development. Containing a torture chamber where you would lure victims to be sacrificed.
  • Unused dialogue for the deity which talks to you upon entering the Chapel, implies that at one point in development, Skorm simply asked for Gold as a donation. Similar to the opposing deity at the Temple of Avo.
  • According to co-creator Dene Carter, the original Fable was meant to have spells that would only be accessible to the player by worshipping to the right deity. For example, an unused spell called Raise Dead would only be accessible to those who worshipped Skorm. While spells like Heal Life would only be accessible to those who worshipped Avo. This idea was influenced by the rogue-inspired game NetHack, but was cut from Fable during development.


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