Championship Pistol
Championship Pistol
Weapon Information
Type Flintlock Pistol
Damage 33.0
Base Value 1,200 gold
Augmentations Discipline Augment
Empty Slot
Acquisition Fable II Pub Games
Rating 2stars

The Championship Pistol is a pistol available from the Fable II Pub Games. It is a reward for placing in the 5 star Fortune's Tower tournament.

Description Edit

This excellent firearm comes equipped with a magical augment that increases the experience you earn from battles.

Fable II Pub Games Description Edit

For the true firearms connoisseur, this unique weapon is a thing of envy and beauty. But only you will know its deadly secret: the makers enhanced this pistol with magical augmentation to give the wielder an advantage in any shootout.

Trivia Edit

  • The Championship Pistol is basically just an Iron Flintlock Pistol with two augment slots and Base Value of 1200 instead of 1000.
  • This can easily be unlocked by using the Fortune's Tower exploit.
  • Even though the Championship Pistol is a copy of a Steel Flintlock Pistol, the game treats it like a legendary weapon, because if someone adds an augment into the empty slot, the Augment Remover from Knothole Island won't let you remove it. To remove an augment from the empty slot, one may give the weapon to Belle Rennock and then wait for her to return it to your inventory with the augment removed. Save your game before trying this.
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