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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Fable II quest. For the property, see Cemetery Mansion.

Location Unlocked: This quest unlocks the Shelley Crypt.

The Cemetery Mansion
Type Side Quest
Preceding Love Hurts
Succeeding None
Start Bowerstone Cemetery
End Bowerstone Cemetery
Reward The Stone of Myr'Bregothil
3500 Renown

The Cemetery Mansion quest is accessible after purchasing the Cemetery Mansion subsequent to the Love Hurts quest, you get the option of exploring a previously inaccessible cave system, the Shelley Crypt. The quest shares the same name as the building.

Moral Dilemma: This quest has good and evil endings.

The quest is fairly straightforward - explore the dungeon. One major warning, you will come across a lone NPC on a bridge that looks like an enemy. Resist the temptation to blast it on sight; it offers two options for the quest. For humour value and good points, it is strongly recommended to avail yourself of it and hang around afterwards for some dialogue.

Protecting the Lost Souls (Good)

The huge NPC Hollow Man will ask for you to hand over The Stone of Myr'Bregothil to prevent the lost souls from eternal tourment in Hell. Hand over the stone, and hang around for the conversation between him and the lost souls.

The Hollow Dance of Ur'Cyrandoran'der (Evil)

Attempt to move past the huge NPC Hollow Man without handing over The Stone of Myr'Bregothil. He will attack you, and you must finish him off while avoiding the giant cleavers.

Logbook Information[]

Investigate the gravekeeper's cave in the cemetery.

Good: Not only have you avoided being trampled in the Hollow Dance of Ur'Cyrandorandorander, you've laid the souls of ancient warriors to rest.
Evil: You may have avoided being trampled in the Hollow Dance, but your greed has condemned the souls of ancient warriors to eternal torment.


The alternate option (killing the NPC) is non-productive, as due to a glitch, you get to keep the item in question, The Stone of Myr'Bregothil. It is not removed from your inventory when you 'turn it in'. So, in either case, you should still get the gem. It is a unique gem, but currently there is no use for it, and as such you may decide to sell it or keep it. A bonus for giving the gem back to the NPC Hollow Man is a most humorous dialogue from him.

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