Disambiguous This article is about a property in Fable II. For the quest of the same name, see Cemetery Mansion (Quest).
The Cemetery Mansion is the large house located in Bowerstone Cemetery. It is the mansion of Victor the gravekeeper, whom you help during the Love Hurts quest. After completing the quest, you may buy the mansion for 100,000 gold, which starts a quest of the same name. It is listed as a fast travel location as Graveyard Mansion.

Stats Edit

Base value: 100,000 gold
Stars: 5stars
Address: Bowerstone Cemetery
History: Though rather extravagant for its purpose, this has traditionally been the home of the Bowerstone gravekeeper, a job passed down from fathers to sons. It was first built by a rather unusual property magnate, who believed rich nobles would fight over a haunted mansion, since spirits and the undead were often spotted walking the cemetery. He was wrong.
Bonuses: Health Bonus, Five Minutes of Fame

Related QuestsEdit

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