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The Cave Diary is a diary kept by Tommy who gives you the Hobbe Squatters side quest in Fable II. It details how over time Tommy continues to lose his sanity and slowly becoming a Hobbe yet still remaining to stay to his humanity. Pages from this diary can be found in the Echo Mine during the Hobbe Squatters quest however they seem to no longer appear in your inventory after completing the side quest. Each page of the Cave Diary is worth one star and has the Base Value of 5 Gold.

Contents of BookEdit

Cave diary Page 1Edit

This appears to be a page from a makeshift diary. The entry reads: 'I managed to escape that horrible place. The men with the strange masks wanted to sacrifice me! I don't think that my family made it. I'll hide out in this cave until it's safe to leave. I can hear strange noises coming from further inside...'

Cave diary Page 2Edit

I thought at first they would eat me. That I escaped that awful temple in Rookridge only to die here. But they were more curious than anything. They even offered me some food. It looked like a man's leg. I'm not sure I'm that hungry yet.

Cave diary Page 3Edit

The writing on this entry is harder to read. Most of it is little more than a doodle. One passage is clear though:
'We played a great game today! We had to hide in some bushes until a caravan went past and then we knocked it over and clubbed everyone inside to a pulp. We're going to eat well tonight!'

Cave diary Page 4Edit

There are only a few sentences on this piece of paper, which looks like it was once an old woman's shopping list: 'Don't think I should write as much anymore. My tribe looks at me funny and makes growling noises whenever they see me using this sharpened bone dipped in chicken blood. Who needs language anyway?
Denture paste, baking apples, anti-wrinkling potion, moustache bleach.'

Cave diary Page 5Edit

The writing on this page is barely legible, and consists of mostly crude drawings. You can only make out the last part: 'I found a lovely, lovely corset on our last raid. Bit tight, but it goes great with the skirt I stole from that clothesline last week. My outfit's really coming together now. I feel just like another hobbe. Hee hee! No more writing for me from now on. This human stuff is beneath me.'

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