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Demon Door Realm
Location Information
Exits Ravenscar Keep

Cartographilia is a realm that can be reached through the Demon Door in Ravenscar Keep, available after downloading the Traitor's Keep DLC. To open the door, players must acquire the full Prisoner Suit, which is found scattered throughout the island.

The environment, landscape, and buildings are styled after the Sanctuary map table, complete with a giant magnifying glass hovering in the sky above. The path leads through areas resembling Bowerstone Market and Bowerstone Castle. The player can also see various Albion landmarks such as Mourningwood Fort and the gazebo in Millfields. At the end of the path is a chest containing the full Prison Guard outift.


  • The music while exploring the realm is the same as the Temple of Light music in Fable and the Menu for Fable II.
  • Cartographilia links to the realm, as cartography is the study and practice of making maps and "philia" is the Greek for "love" - a love of making maps, which links to the map of the Sanctuary, which this realm is styled from.
  • According to a post by the Lionhead developer 'Lionbum' on The Dead Hamster, the original design for this Demon Door was one inspired by the game Minecraft. However, the map was extremely difficult to build, and was replaced by the much-easier version that can be seen.
  • The name of the place could also reference the Halo level The Silent Cartographer (the original Halo Demo level). The sky in Cartographilia is the same as the sky in Halo's Silent Cartographer, only instead of being inside a ring you are under the ring of a lens.

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