Camps and Rest Stops are minor locations in Fable: The Journey where you can pull off the main road to heal and tend to Seren.

Rest Stops Edit

The horseshoe signs mark good places to pull over and tend to Seren.

Rest Stops can be found throughout the Journey. You will know when you are approaching a rest stop, as horseshoe signs will start appearing along the road. Follow these until they direct you into the pull-in. You can remove splinters and arrows from Seren and heal her with the gauntlets at rest stops. For any other activities, you will need to stop at a camp. Once you are finished, raise the bar on the carriage to leave.

Note: If Seren is at full health, you will not be able to stop at these.

Calm Edit

If Seren has become really distressed, you will need to calm her down with gentle hand movements and a reassuring voice before you can heal her.

Removing Splinters Edit

To remove arrows or splinters, grab them with your dominant hand and pull them out slowly. You will need to pull the arrow or splinter in a smooth, straight movement to avoid hurting Seren further.

Heal Edit

Once you have acquired the gauntlets, you will be able to heal Seren's wounds by hovering your hands over them.

Camps Edit

These rest stops are larger than most others – they are a great place to make camp and relax for a bit. Explore the area in your own time. You can care for Seren here, which will improve her health and earn you experience. When you're ready to leave, move back to your cart.

Camps appear at certain points along the Journey, and you will automatically stop at all of them. In addition to the healing actions possible at rest stops, a number of other activities can also be performed at campsites. Strafe around the area to find them all.

Cleaning Edit

Approach Seren after she has been healed, and you will be able to brush the collected dirt off her. This will grant you a small amount of experience.

Trough Edit

Fill the water trough by turning the handles on the pump. Call Seren over to drink to earn some experience.

Apple Tree Edit

Most camps have an apple tree. Reach up to pick the apple, and hold it out to feed Seren. You can repeat this three times to earn experience; any futher apples will not add any more experience.

Chest Edit

There is a chest located at all of the camps. Grab the handles to open the chest and receive one of the Collectables.

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