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Species Human
Home Unknown
Relationships Yeron, Moryk, and Avisto, who all made the Glyphs
First Appearance Fable: The Lost Chapters (mentioned)
Last Appearance Fable TLC
Status Deceased

Calran is one of the four Old Kingdom will-users that created the Snowspire Oracle, along with Yeron, Moryk, and Avisto.


When using the expression Calran, the Oracle will tell you about the creatures of Albion.

Krakens Edit

If Krakens had existed on land as the first Trolls did, or in the air as the greatest Dragons did, they would be as rare as most other creatures from the age before man. But they dwell in the deep, unexplored mysteries of the sea and there they have survived since their creation in the war of the gods. There is much in the vast depths of the ocean that is unknown to the people of Albion. And its people should pray it stays that way.

Sandgoose Edit

Many strange creatures have walked upon this world since its birth, yet the historians who found some of their remains are responsible for one which never existed: the fabled Sandgoose. Joining the remains of various beasts, they hypothesised that this flightless bird was the size of a house, lived primarily in deserts and was able to speak a variety of languages. There are those who still believe in its existence, but their search has proved fruitless so far.

Screamers Edit

These unfortunate beings were once men, Will users who dared to oppose Jack of Blades. They were cursed never to find rest except by torturing the souls of the dead and feeding on the lifeforce of the living. But their true nature is only hinted at in our reality. Their true power is in the Realm of Death, where souls must pass before reaching their place of torment or peace. Every person who dies in this world must escape their screams before finding their own rest.

Summoners Edit

Unseen for almost as long as the Old Kingdom has been gone, these creatures were once the scourge of Albion. A Will user called Hallik, cast out by the Archon for his use of dangerous dark magics, created these colossal beings by reanimating the dead bodies of fallen warriors. People throughout the Kingdom learned to fear Hallik, and though it was the magician himself who was the summoner, his creations soon earned that title through their ability to appear out of nothing as they brought forth total devastation.

Balverines Edit

The first Balverine was born out of the bite of a creature far more terrible, the Balvorn, who dwelt upon this world when gods and demons were still the primary force. When men first started to walk amongst them, the Balvorn would feast on the flesh of thousands at a time. Only once did a human survive such an attack. He became the first Balverine, and his curse has survived to this day.


Calran is also an expression needed for the quest Oracle of Snowspire.

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