Broken Spire Collar
Broken Spire Collar
Type Trophy
Effects Raises renown by 3
Source Complete The Hero of Will
Related Quests The Hero of Will
Base value 3000 Gold
Stars 3stars

The Broken Spire Collar is a trophy in Fable II. It is the remains of the collar you are given when you first enter The Spire in the quest of the same name after completing The Crucible. It is the trophy reward for the completion of The Hero of Will.

Description Edit

Looking at the object that hung for so long around your neck sends a chill down your spine, but also fills you with satisfaction as you remember the Commandant’s death.

Spire Collar Edit

The actual Spire Collar, before it is broken, is a collar that will shock you and drain your experience if you disobey the Commandant.

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