Disambiguous This article is about Brightwood Tower (Location). For the quest, see Brightwood Tower (Quest).
Brightwood Tower is a large stone tower that can be found within Brightwood.


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The tower was built by Stella Malgrave, a will user who studied spells inside the tower. She was killed during the revolt against heroes, but the tower could not be destroyed due to the protective spells Malgrave had cast on it.

Once owned by Garth, Brightwood Tower can be bought upon returning from your initial foray into Bloodstone. If you do not own the property expect to be met by Lucien’s Spire Guards and Spire Soldiers, accompanied by a shard, every time you return. The tower is five star and has a base value of 250 000 gold, but as with all property in the game the actual price will depend on the town economy, the Hero’s renown as well as other factors. Purchasing the tower will end attacks from Lucien’s men. Once bought the player will not receive any income from the Tower because it cannot be rented out and as it is a unique place you cannot sell it. There are two beds in the tower, but only the bed on the top of the tower will start the Brightwood Tower Quest quest. The sleeping bonuses of the tower are health regeneration, a health boost, and a fame boost.

The entrance to Archon's Knot is just behind the Cullis Gate. Just vault down to get here.


  • In Fable III if you follow the main path in Silverpines to the end you can see a building that appears to be the Brightwood Tower, however it is unreachable.
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