Brightwall Bling

Brightwall Bling is a gift shop in Fable III, located in the village green of Brightwall.

Near the gift stall is Fluff Cottage, the starting and ending location of the side quest: A Marriage of Inconvenience. In the side quest the Hero is required to give a gift to seduce Veronica or Vincent. If the Hero does not have the requested item they can purchase it at Brightwall Bling, even if it does not usually appear in the stall's inventory.

This gift shop can potentially play a part in relationship quests as well. Sometimes the Hero's children or sexually incompatible villagers will ask for a gift to advance their relationship with the Hero.

Stats Edit

Base value: 2,850 gold
Base income: 86 gold[1]
Location: Brightwall, Village Green. On the upper green above the trade items stall.

Inventory Edit

Brightwall Bling's inventory is subject to vary, however, the items listed below can usually be purchased here:

  • Flowers
  • Wedding Ring
  • Jewellery

References Edit

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