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Brightwall Academy
Building in Brightwall
Location Information
Related Quests A New Hero

An Ancient Key
An Evil Presence
Missing Play
The Pen is Mightier...
Special Delivery

NPCs Samuel
Philipth Morley
Exits Brightwall

Brightwall Academy is a location in Fable III, originally built by the Hero of Bowerstone in order to further the education of scholars in the world of Albion.

Located at the top of the hill in Brightwall Village, the Academy is also the site of a secret chamber called the Reliquary, where the Hero placed their most treasured items. It has been rumoured that the chamber was protected so that only a Hero could overcome its trials. At the start of the game, the Academy has been shut down by the Hero's son, King Logan, and has become a dilapidated mess with only the librarian, Samuel, remaining inside. As part of a mission to appease Sabine in the Dweller Camp, the Hero goes to the Academy and, on the order of Walter Beck, shows the Guild Seal to Samuel, who immediately recognises it and directs the Hero the entrance to the Reliquary. He takes you to a door which countless scholars and adventurers have tried to figure out how to open, but will only open to the Guild Seal. The secret treasure hidden within the Academy turns out to be the infamous Music Box.

After your first adventure in the chambers below, a scholar by the name of Saul will ask for your help in plumbing the depths of the Reliquary for lost texts and tomes. Later, he will require your aid again in clearing the area of a Hollow Men infestation after releasing said Hollow men. Samuel will also require your aid in gathering lost historical volumes in order for the Academy to continue to grow.

In order to secure Brightwall's allegiance for the revolution, Samuel asks the Hero to re-open the Brightwall Academy and allow the public access to the impressive collection of knowledge contained within. After the revolution and the coronation, the Hero, now monarch of Albion, has the choice to keep their promise and open the Academy to everyone or to restrict its knowledge to only those who can pay a tuition fee during the quest The Weight of the World.


  • Even if you provide the money required to reopen and restore Brightwall Academy, the Reliquary will remain in a decrepit state as well as remaining infested with Hollow Men, but you will find more people inside.
  • There are some paintings of the Academy in the game.

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