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Fable Legends Region of Albion
Location Information

"Green and pleasant, just don’t go into the woods alone, or after dark, or between the hours of…just don’t go into the woods."

Brightlodge is a city in the pastoral lands of Albion. It existed 400 years before the Hero of Oakvale defeated Jack of Blades.

Brightlodge is to be the hub city in the upcoming title Fable Legends. It is only in Brightlodge where the Hero can engage in classic Fable jobs.


At the time of Fable Legends, the Old Kingdom has fallen. Out of the ashes has arisen a patchwork of villages and semblances of settlements. There’s no overall ruler or government and no unified ruling class. In the larger villages you’ll probably find a chief, mayor or group of elders, even someone who has elevated themselves to the exalted rank of King, but their interests are strictly local. Similarly, there are a few larger towns, but no capital or central city.

Brightlodge is one such town. Once a shining city built on the edge of a waterfall, it was mostly destroyed when the Old Kingdom fell. However such a unique location would not remain unsettled for long. Gradually out of the ruins arose the Adventurer’s Inn. A sympathetic ear and a well-chosen base for exploring and questing meant this ramshackle pub soon became the premier rest-stop for Albion’s wanderers. Now a passable mercantile municipality has spread out from this humble acorn, a town that has quickly capitalised on the burgeoning heroic economy. Albion’s more canny merchants sell ‘everything a traveller needs’ (no replacements, no exchanges, no refunds). One of these adroit citizens has even gone as far as to proclaim himself king. This is also the place to pick up rumours that could become quests and beyond.


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