The Bowerstone Times is the self-proclaimed leading newspaper in Albion. While physical copies of the newspaper are not available in the games, two series of stories have been posted on Lionhead Studios' website.

The first set of stories - called "Monster Feature!" - was a series that focused on hostile creatures within Albion. Investigative reporter Penelope Chumley interviewed eccentric creaturologist Atticus Croddle regarding hollow men, hobbes, trolls, and balverines. After four issues, the series was officially ended.

The second series detailed the life and times of Theresa, the blind seeress. The first part details Theresa's childhood; her life in Oakvale and the horrific bandit raid that razed the hamlet and left her blind. The second part goes focuses on a series of re-enactments of Theresa's life carried out by Theresa's Fan Club. Members of the club and attendees also speculate on how Theresa has lived for so long, and Chumley is introduced to Bowerstone's Anti-Theresa Society. In the third part, Chumley is finally introduced to the shadowy leader of the Society: none other than the enigmatic Reaver, who goes on to make some startling (and dubious) accusations about Theresa's life and deeds.


Monster Feature! Fiends of AlbionEdit

  • Hollow Men - Penelope Chumley interviews Atticus Croddle regarding Hollow Men (29 June 2012).
  • Hobbes - Penelope Chumley returns to interview Atticus Croddle regarding Hobbes (13 July 2012).
  • Trolls - Penelope Chumley sits down with Atticus Croddle for a third time to discuss Trolls (27 July 2012).
  • Balverines - Penelope Chumley interviews Atticus Croddle for the final time regarding Balverines (10 August 2012).

Albion's Oldest Riddle: Theresa the Blind SeeressEdit

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