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Bowerstone South
District of Bowerstone
Bowerstone South
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NPCs Mr. Gout
Briar Rose
Exits Lookout Point
Bowerstone Quay
Bowerstone North
Shops Tavern
General Store
Clothing Shop

Bowerstone South is a region in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. It has an entrance to Bowerstone North and Bowerstone Quay, and is reached from Lookout Point. It also has a tavern, a general store, Clothing and Armour Shop, Weapons Smith, a Barber, a few normal houses, a school (the only one in Albion), and a marital home that is for sale. Also, many chickens roam the area. Most of the little children are living in shed-like houses by themselves. In Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary, there is a quest about one of the children being sick and needing some medicine (Blue Mushrooms). This boy lives near the back of the tavern.

Weapons are not allowed within Bowerstone, most likely due to the presence of children there. Upon first entering Bowerstone South, a cutscene plays in which a guard welcomes you and says "Bowerstone is a peaceful town; I may have to confiscate your weapons for now." After the cut-scene, you have no weapons and cannot cast magic of any kind. You still can punch and kick objects, but you will have to face the consequences by paying a fine. However, there is a way to kill villagers. You can do this by hiring a mercenary to attack a person.

Bowerstone South is referred in game as the "slums of Bowerstone". A lot of people here are poor, which explains the presences of sheds around town. Also, the residents of Bowerstone South cannot go into Bowerstone North unless a resident from that area invites them.

Map DescriptionEdit

The slums of Bowerstone.

Tavern CellarEdit

Down the alley behind the tavern is the trapdoor leading to its cellar. Normally locked, this door has a connection to the statue atop the hill at Lookout Point. The statue slowly rotates, ticking like a clock. Interacting with the statue at midnight or just before will tell you that the statue is pointing to Bowerstone. The cellar doors will then unlock. Inside the cellar is a chest containing a Leather Chest Piece.


Marital HomeEdit


  • In Fable Anniversary, the clothing shop no longer has a sign hanging above the door.
  • It has been stated by Lionhead in the Fable Anniversary Prima Official Game Guide, that the reason why Bowerstone is the only town to confiscate weapons is so the children are not murdered by The Hero.


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