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The Bowerstone Resistance is a group of Bowerstone rebels who oppose King Logan and his tyrannical policies and want to overthrow him. The group is led by Page, and their headquarters is located in the Bowerstone Industrial sewers. They are proven to be both hard fighters and untrusting of strangers.

After recruiting The Swift Brigade, the Hero of Brightwall and Walter Beck journey into the sewers, looking to recruit the relatively large Bowerstone Resistance into the ranks of the revolution. However, the duo are beset by members of the resistance lead by Kidd, who think the two warriors are spies for Logan. Although their leader, Page, manages to diffuse the situation, it is revealed that she is not particularly ready to join the Hero in the revolution immediately, and demands that he/she make themselves more known to the Bowerstone public before throwing their lot in.

After the Hero gathers enough renown, Page reconsiders her initial hostility, trusting the Hero with her life as the two venture to Reaver's Manor to free several captured members of the resistance. After surviving the dangers of Reaver's Wheel of Misfortune and freeing the prisoners, Page fully trusts the Hero and commits her resistance to the revolution. They prove to be an integral part of the revolution, offering their knowledge of Bowerstone, their talents as fighters, and their war room to the Hero.

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