Bowerstone Real Crime!
Type Book
Source Old Town Miscellany Stall
Base value 40 gold
Stars 1star

Bowerstone Real Crime! is a book in Fable II that can be purchased from Old Town Miscellany Stall in Bowerstone Old Town. It seems to be a heroic, action styled tale of Derek, the guard who you were able to collect warrants for during Childhood. This book tells of how he went about to pursue Nicky the Nickname, and seems to indicate that the Good morality choice was taken, in which he received all the warrants in order to break up Nicky's Gang. If your choice was to give said warrants to Arfur, this book cannot be found, but instead the book Bowerstone Old Town will be sold at Old Town General Store.

Contents of Book Edit

Derek the guard had been hardened by his years in Old Town--his brow irreversibly creased by every bullied child's whimper, every battered woman's sob, every robbed victim's desperate plea--but something in him was still soft. Compassion drove him as strongly as his burning desire to see evil punished. And so with Nicky the Nickname's gang destroyed, bad men killed or captured and all having met better fates than they deserved.

Derek approached Nicky's door with his pistol drawn. A rap on the cheap, rough planks, and seconds later the door exploded outward in fragments with the blast of a blunderbuss. Derek had instinctively pulled his hand and body away to hug the wall the moment he had knocked, and now, betting everything that Nicky had unloaded both barrels, not just one, into his hideouts door. Derek leaped through the shattered door, tucked in his head, rolled on his right shoulder with perfect control, and came up with his weapon at the ready, loaded for bear and all business...

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