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Bowerstone North
District of Bowerstone
Bowerstone North (TLC).png
Location Information
Related Quests Mayor's Invitation
Investigating the Mayor (TLC only)
NPCs Lady Grey
Sheriff of Bowerstone (TLC only)
Gethyn (TLC only)
Exits Bowerstone South
Bowerstone Jail
Bowerstone Manor
Shops General Store

Bowerstone North is the most prosperous part of Bowerstone in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary, and is where most of the affluent residents of Bowerstone reside. The Hero is forbidden to enter this area until he completes the Arena in Witchwood, in which Lady Grey subsequently invites him to visit her. It is here that the Hero can impress Lady Grey in the quest Mayor's Invitation, and earn her hand in marriage, granting entrance to Bowerstone Manor and the treasures inside. Alternatively, in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary, the Hero can choose to undertake the quest Investigating the Mayor and expose Lady Grey for the murder of her sister, whereupon he will become the new Mayor of Bowerstone.

Map Description[]

The expensive side of Bowerstone.

Points of Interest[]

In Bowerstone North you will find:

  • Bowerstone Manor, home to Lady Grey, current Mayor of Bowerstone.
  • Bowerstone North Shop. As well as stocking general merchandise you can also purchase the Solus Greatsword here, the store being the only one in Albion to stock it. You can also purchase Black Roses and the hero doll of Thunder here.
  • Bowerstone's Holding Cell, a temporary prison cell to hold those awaiting judgement. During Investigating the Mayor, the prisoner here will enlist the Hero's aid in exposing the corrupt Lady Grey.

There are also several homes in the area.


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