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Borrowed Whisper's Outfit
Borrowed Whispers Outfir.png
Effects 502 Armour
-20 Attractiveness
+8 Scariness
+2 Alignment
Source Heroes' Guild (DLC)
Base value 2,410 gold

The Borrowed Whisper's Outfit is an outfit exclusive to Fable Anniversary. It is included in the Hero Outfit & Weapon Pack DLC. Once downloaded, the pieces of the outfit must be purchased from the merchant in the Heroes' Guild.


"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue", or so the old saying goes. This outfit of Whisper's was given to Lady Grey as a gift for one of her many weddings. Which one? Nobody knows.


Borrowed Whisper's Hat

A hat designed to keep Whisper's hair out of her eyes in combat.

  • Armour Rating: 200
  • Base Value: 442 gold
  • Attractiveness: -18
  • Scariness: +7
  • Alignment Modifier: 0
Borrowed Whisper's Shirt

Feminine yet practical; the perfect shirt for the more voluptuous Hero.

  • Armour Rating: 200
  • Base Value: 729 gold
  • Attractiveness: -1
  • Scariness: 0
  • Alignment Modifier: 0
Borrowed Whisper's Shorts

The athletic Hero's favourite legwear, perfect for if a number of backflips or quick dashes are required in combat.

  • Armour Rating: 175
  • Base Value: 642 gold
  • Attractiveness: -1
  • Scariness: +1
  • Alignment Modifier: +1
Borrowed Whisper's Gloves

When dealing with farm-boys, a tough pair of gloves is needed to keep them at arms length at all times.

  • Armour Rating: 50
  • Base Value: 182 gold
  • Attractiveness: 0
  • Scariness: 0
  • Alignment Modifier: 0
Borrowed Whisper's Boots

Small, nimble, and easy to clean - these boots will let you sprint faster and wash them even quicker.

  • Armour Rating: 25
  • Base Value: 95 gold
  • Attractiveness: 0
  • Scariness: 0
  • Alignment Modifier: +1

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