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Book Collection
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Bronze Quest Icon.png Bronze Quest
Preceding Preceding Quest
Succeeding Succeeding Quest
Start Bowerstone South
End Bowerstone South
Reward 100 Renown

Book Collection is a bronze quest in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. In Bowerstone South, speak to Mr. Gout, the headmaster of the school, who will tell you that the school's library is in dire need of replenishment, and asks you to donate any books you may have to spare.

In order to complete this quest, speak to the teacher when the school is open and give him any books you have. After each donation, there will be a short cutscene in which he reads the book to the children. Your reward will depend upon the number of books you donate and nature of your donations.

The school is the building closest to the marital home available for purchase, in the southernmost part of this region.

Note, if he says he doesn't want the book (commonly the Book of Spells), then it means that you need a different book. It isn't a glitch, it's merely the message when you don't have a book he wants. Collect a book on the list that you haven't already donated to continue.


After donating nine books, you'll receive a Wizard Hat. It will be Bright or Dark depending on which books were donated.

Bright Wizard Hat
Give the teacher a number of 'good' books, of which there are 10.
The teacher will ask for these books before asking for the 'bad' books, making the Bright Wizard Hat much easier to get.
List of 'Good' books.
Dark Wizard Hat
Give the teacher a number of 'bad' books, of which there are 15.
If you are aiming to obtain the Dark Wizard Hat, it is strongly recommended that you get these books before picking up any others.
List of 'Bad' books;
Silver Key
Give the teacher 25 books.


  • It's possible to get all the good books right after graduating from the Heroes' Guild without doing additional quests, but getting all the bad books requires completing White Balverine (for The Balverine Slayer) and The Arena (for The Tailor's Tragedy).

Fable Books

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  • If you try to give the teacher the Book of Spells, he will refuse it and say "this isn't some potty school for wizards." This is a reference to Harry Potter.