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In Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, boasts are additional challenges the Hero of Oakvale may take during certain Quests. They are activated by standing on the Boasting Platform in Lookout Point. Not all quests allow the player to boast. When a player boasts, there is a gold reward for completing the boast and a penalty (wager) for not doing so. Some boasts are mutually exclusive with each other, for example, in the Arena the boast Merciful Hero which requires the Hero to spare whoever he is able to and the boast Clean Sweep which requires him to kill everyone he faces.

Boasts are not expensive to pay if they are not completed, although they can give the player large amounts of gold if completed. Besides the gold reward, trying to complete the boasts may increase the difficulty in some quests, giving experienced players a new approach to such quests. Some of the more common boasts are:

The Boasting Platform in Lookout Point

  • Without a scratch: Do not suffer any damage during the Quest.
  • Without protection: Do the Quest naked (if the Physical Shield spell is used, this boast will be failed)
  • Fist fighter: Do not use any weapons or aggressive magic

Other boasts include killing a certain number of enemies, not killing anyone at all, not eating or using potions, protecting someone else from harm or death, and completing the quest with a time limit. Some quests have unique boasts such as Hobbe Cave (Quest) which has the Sacrifice Innocent or Cave Dweller boasts.

There is a bug in the game engine that allows to take the Without Protection boast and use Physical Shield without the game noticing it, therefore completing this boast while actually being protected. It works if Physical Shield and Slow Time (probably works with some other spell too) are cast at the same exact moment - both spells work, protection toggle not detected.

When boasting, the villagers in Lookout Point may react to the boasts. They will cheer for most boasts but will boo the Hero if he takes evil boasts or if he stands on the podium but does not boast.