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"Are you looking for Blue Mushrooms? Pretty popular items, I can tell you. "
— Barrow Fields Trader to the Hero of Oakvale
Blue Mushroom
Blue mushroom.JPG
Type Quest Item
Source See locations
Related Quests The Sick Child (TLC)

Blue Mushrooms are rare mushrooms scattered throughout Albion in Fable: The Lost Chapters. These mushrooms have strange effects following consumption, such as hallucinations and mind-altering thoughts.

Four Blue Mushrooms are required for the Bronze Quest The Sick Child. As with all quest items, they can not be used by the Hero.


This mushroom is extremely rare. Normally found growing high up in the mountains. They are said to have strange effects upon those who consume them.


Main article: The Sick Child

Given the rarity of Blue Mushrooms, expect to put forth some effort to obtain them. They can be found in the areas listed below.


  • Blue Mushrooms also reappear in Fable II, in the series of caverns leading to the Chamber of Fate.
  • There is an Edible Mushroom that can be found in the game files, which may have been a predecessor to the Blue Mushroom.