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Bloodstone Assault
Bloodstone 02.jpg
Type Main Quest
(Part of The Hero of Skill)
Preceding Returning the Dark Seal
Succeeding A Perfect World
Start Bloodstone - Bloodstone Mansion
End Bloodstone - Smuggler's Beach

Bloodstone Assault is the final quest of The Hero of Skill in Fable II.

Quest Card Emblem.png Closure of Quests

Returning to Reaver will suspend all available quests until completion of Retribution.


Reaver's Rear Passage[]

Upon returning to Reaver's house after visiting the Shadow Court, Reaver will smugly state that he has sold you to Lucien; In fact, Lucien has decided to simply attack Bloodstone in order to capture Reaver and kill you. Reaver will then pragmatically permit you to accompany him through Reaver's Rear Passage; two fighters stand a better chance of defeating the myriad Spire Guards that infest the tunnel. As you exit the tunnel to a secluded cove where Reaver's escape ship waits, you are met by Hammer and Garth. A tense conversation is interrupted by the game's final boss - the Great Shard.

Smuggler's Beach[]

You follow Reaver to the beach and find Hammer and Garth. Reaver tries to leave in his ship, but it explodes due to an attack from the great shard. Wait until Garth "opens" the Shard, (a white ball of light appears from the top of the shard) then attack it with Will or your ranged weapon. After you destroy the Shard, go down to the end of the beach where Theresa is talking to Reaver.

This concludes the Bloodstone Assault, as well as The Hero of Skill.

Afterwards, go to the top of Heroes' Hill and talk to Theresa. This triggers the titled scene The Weapon, at the conclusion of which you go on to A Perfect World, or your second childhood as some people call it.

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