Blades is a spell in Fable II that summons several blades that float around you. Targeting the spell bids all of the summoned blades to attack the same enemy. Surround causes the blades to radiate outward and attack individual targets.

This spell bears similarities to the Ghost Sword, Multi Strike and Multi Arrow spells of Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary.

Description Edit

Summon mystical blades to fly at your enemies.


Level Cost Number of Blades Surround: Damage per Blade Targeted: Total Damage
1 450 3 10 30
2 2,700 4 45 180
3 16,200 5 144 720
4 64,800 6 360 2160
5 194,400 8 540 4320

Fable III Edit

Main article: Blades Spell Gauntlet

The Blades Spell Gauntlet is the final obtainable gauntlet on the Road to Rule in Fable III. The number of blades summoned is dependent on the character's Magic Level (upgraded through chests on the Road to Rule), the charge level of the spell and spell targeting (aimed of area-of-effect). Combining the Blades Spell Gauntlet with other spell gauntlets of Fable III has an effect on how many blades are summoned over all; for instance: when Blades is weaved with the Vortex Spell Gauntlet and cast as area-of-effect, enemies are picked up by a windstorm while a varying number of blades surround and impale each enemy caught in the spells' radius.

Notes Edit

  • Targeting the blades causes all summoned blades to attack the single target. Each blade is still independent of one another so while one blade may hit an object that is in the way of the target, the others may hit the target or others nearby. This also means that the damage numbers listed here are for best case scenarios.
  • When all of the blades hit one target, this spell is the most powerful in the game.
  • Area effect causes the blades to appear and shoot towards whichever target they choose independently.
  • Be careful using this spell in close quarters, like caves and small hallways. The Blades may shoot out and hit walls before they get a chance to hit an enemy.
  • Garth and Cornelius Grim have a variation of Blades where the blades spin around them until they direct them to the enemy they want to strike. Because the Hero is unable to do this themselves, it is possible that it is a more powerful form and only Garth and Grim are sufficiently proficient in Will to cast it. Another theory is that the two have access to old texts which taught them how to use the spell closer to Ghost Sword, which may have been the ancestor of the attack, as it had a neutral form very similar to this Blades variation.
  • If the Blades spell is targeted and used on an non-killable person, such as Lady Grey or the Archaeologist, just before the blades explode the person opens up their mouth to an inhuman size and give a demonic scream similar to the yell expression. Once the blades explode, the person becomes scared.
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