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Type Side Quest
Preceding None
Succeeding None
Start Wherever you get the letter
End Bowerstone Market
Reward None
Trophies None

Blackmail! is a quest in Fable II.

Where there is the opportunity for marriage, there is also the opportunity for infidelity. You must be committing bigamy to unlock this quest, though it is unknown if the occurrence is random.


Firstly, you must be married to at least two people at the same time.

One of your spouses will receive a letter, although they don't read it, telling you that someone knows you've been cheating and will tell your spouses if you do not pay them off. It instructs you to meet a man called Kenneth under Bowerstone Market Bridge.

When you find Kenneth, you have the option to pay him his sum, kill him, or ignore him. Killing him will result in bad points and your families being informed of your bigamy. Ignoring him will do the same, minus the bad points. Either way, the quest is complete and you receive a reasonable amount of renown. Kenneth mentions a man called "Denzel" when you give him his money. Paying the money gives no reward, except your own peace of mind.

The quest still continues even if both of your spouses divorce you before the time limit expires, giving you the renown boost.

The quest will not continue if you murder one of your spouses or they perish at the hands of enemies before the time limit is up. It will stay in your log until it expires, but no renown, alignment, or gold is lost or gained. Kenneth will not even appear, and your remaining spouse will not hear of your infidelity.

Logbook Information[]

Description: Someone knows you're a bigamist.

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