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Rural village in Albion
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Featured in Fable: Blood Ties
Fable: Edge of the World

Blackholm is a rural village in Albion that appears in Fable: Blood Ties and Fable: Edge of the World. It is located midway between Millfields and Silverpines, and a formidable wall encircles the town.

The town was attacked by Warlord Droogan many times shortly after the defeat of the Crawler, only to be beaten back by the revolutionary hero Ben Finn. However, when Ben went chasing after his long-lost brother William, Droogan managed to occupy the town without a fight.

After the town was successfully defended against Reaver's rampaging horde of animalistic Half-breeds, Droogan rode into town hoping to sell the inhabitants into slavery, only to be taken into custody by his former ally, Captain Thorpe. Russell, son of the old militia leader Old Henry and newly-elected mayor of the town plans to hold a trial that will find Droogan guilty.

A decade later, during the events of Fable: Edge of the World, Russell is still the mayor of the town. Captain Thorpe, having rejoined the Royal Army, joined Ben Finn in asking Russell for volunteers to accompany the mighty Hero King in his expedition to Samarkand to destroy the resurgent Darkness. Although Russell made it clear that he needed some men to stay in the town to protect it if the Darkness ever reached Albion again, he allowed his strongest villagers to join Ben Finn and Captain Thorpe's cause.

When Reaver began to manipulate Queen Laylah against her allies, the new general of the Royal Army, Jack Timmins, stored a cache of weapons in Blackholm both to defend it against any resurgent shadows and to serve as a useful backup if action needed to be taken against Reaver. As Timmins stored away the last of the rifles, he was confronted by Reaver on grounds of treason and taken away to Bowerstone Castle.

When Timmins and Page were able to escape from the Castle, they proceeded to Albion's rural villages in order to gather these weapon caches. Unfortunately, when they reached the town, they found that its villagers had been slaughtered by local nymphs who subsequently turned Blackholm's children into hobbes. With little else to be gained by staying in the dead town, Page and Timmins left, abandoning Blackholm to the dangerous woods that encircle it.