Black Wheel Gang Outfit is an outfit found in the Knothole Island DLC of Fable II.


Fable 2 Black Wheelgang outfit

The Black Wheel Gang were feared for their powers of necromancy, though in truth this was just a myth created by an older generation who did not care for their leather-intensive fashion and catchy, rebellious songs.

Headgear: Greaser Wig

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Attractiveness: 5.0%
  • Base Value: 50
  • Description:This rather distinctive hair-style was popularised by the great bard Billy Greaser, founding member of the Black Wheel Gang.

Coat: Black Wheel Gang Coat

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Attractiveness: 10.0%
  • Base Value: 150
  • Description: A gang member’s coat was his most treasured possession. Closely followed by hair gel and cough mints.

Lower Body: Black Wheel Gang Trousers

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Attractiveness: 5.0%
  • Base Value: 80
  • Description: Black Wheel Gang members only had two rules when it came to trousers: ”make them tight” and “keep them shiny”.

Feet: Black Wheel Gang Boots

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Attractiveness: 2.5%
  • Base Value: 50
  • Description: Though fearsome in appearance, these boots were most often used to keep time during the gang’s musical performances, during which a fair share of young women were known to faint.

Mask: Solar Shielding Spectacles

  • Stars: 1star
  • Attractiveness: 10.0%
  • Base Value: 50
  • Description: When Gordon, the Knothole Glade inventor, decided he would one day fly into the heart of the sun, he reasoned he would need some sort of protection against the glare. Though these glasses were never put to their intended use, they proved useful to players of the popular Guess What Colour My Eyes Are game.

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  • There is a glitch associated with the wig. If worn, the wig will not allow you to dye your hair, instead, your hair will stay the default colour. There is no fix released by Lionhead. Instead you must dye the wig, found under headgear, as with any wig.

Trivia Edit

  • This wig (and indeed the entire armour set) is a direct reference to the 1950-70's Greaser subculture.
  • The frequently mentioned catchy songs and dance routines are references to the film "Grease" which centered around greasers.
  • The Greaser Wig bears a strong resemblance to Reaver's hairstyle in Fable II.

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