FableTJ Benny
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Albion
First Appearance Fable: The Journey
Last Appearance Fable: The Journey
Status Alive

Benny the Magnificent, also known as Geoffrey, is a character featured in Fable: The Journey. He is a part-time fortune teller that travels around Albion. He is also the owner of a painting and decorating business.

In Fable: The Journey, he is encountered along Albion Way shortly after Gabriel and Katlan part ways. He is at the side of the road, beside his tent and camp-fire, shouting at Gabriel as he passes. The player can then choose to continue onward, or to stop and listen. Should the player decide to hear him out, despite giving the impression that he is a fraud, Benny accurately predicts Gabriel's encounter with Theresa.

Following his adventure to claim the Willstone found at The Forge of Fire, Gabriel ran into Benny on the side of the roads of Miremoor. The fortune teller attempted to approach Theresa and impress upon her his powers of foresight, only to have his entire planned speech, his current life, and his near future encounter with a Hobbe ambush all accurately told and foresaw by Theresa. Embarassed and at a loss, Benny let the group pass, stunned by the Seer's true power of foresight.

This would not be the last time Gabriel would cross paths with Benny. After passing Sable's Crossing, on the way to the Whitespire Mountains, Gabriel found Benny on top of his overturned wagon, surrounded by Hobbes like Theresa had predicted. Blasting the Hobbes away with his command of Will, the grateful Benny admitted that this was the end of his days as a psychic, instead moving onto a career of what he called "catrocology," which apparently has something to do with balding cats. However, at Gabriel's insistence, he performed one more reading, in which he accurately guessed the purpose of Gabriel's journey-to stop a great and imprisoned evil that, if unleashed, would end the Albionite way of life-before moving on.

Trivia Edit

  • He was voiced by Jason Baughan.
  • He calls his camp the "Theatre of Fate".
  • The first two times Gabriel met Benny, the "fortune teller" concluded by claiming he was "needed on another plane of existance." He would then stimulate a teleportation power with a smoke grenade of some sort and accompanying sound effects, only to awkwardly stand about, desperately trying to explain why the "teleportation" didn't work before simply walking off.
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