Ben Finn is a playable character in the XBL Arcade hack-and-slash adventure game, Fable Heroes.


Ben Finn FH

Ben Finn: ladies’ man, crack shot, occasional smuggler. A country boy with dreams of adventure, Ben sought out excitement wherever he could find it – which, more often than not, happened to be in Albion’s least salubrious port towns. The army offered him a chance to go straight, and Ben was a soldier of some distinction before turning against King Logan in support of the Bowerstone Resistance. Ben is one of the most popular Hero Dolls, in no small part due to a mysterious recent boom in the number of blonde-haired children in Albion’s coastal regions.

— Description of Benn Finn from Fable Friday


  • Ben Finn is unlocked by Reaver on the Hero Tile of the Abilities Board for 15,000 gold.
  • Ben Finn wields a pistol in Fable Heroes despite the fact that he was only seen fighting with a sword and rifle in Fable III.
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