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Belle Rennock.jpg
Belle Rennock
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive (If given Archon's Dream)
Dead (If not given Archon's Dream)

Belle Rennock is Albion's premier archaeologist in Fable II. She spends most of her time supervising the dig site in Fairfax Gardens, and provides the quest chain "The Archaeologist".

At the end of all of her Archaeological quests, the Hero is given a choice. Keep the Archon's Dream, one of the 3 legendary Divinity Gems, or sell it to Belle and allow her to complete her life's work. The only way to keep the Gem is to slay Belle as she blocks your exit.


  • Another option of keeping The Archon's Dream is to walk away from Belle, and fast travel anywhere. You must take into account the fact that you can NEVER return to the room in which you found the Gem, as an invisible wall blocks your path past Belle. Belle cannot be killed after doing this unless you propose to her (give her a forever ring as a gift). You will however need to sell Archon's Dream to get close enough to Belle to give her the ring. Trying to retrieve the gem afterwards frequently causes the game to crash.
  • If you attack Belle with the Level 5 Blades Spell, she will roar like a demon (like Lady Grey) but will turn back to normal and cower in fear.


  • Her name bears similarity to Rene Belloq, an Archaeologist in the Indiana Jones series
  • Belle Rennock may also be a play on Belle from The Beauty and The Beast, Belle Rennock likes to uncover artifacts and Belle from the fairy tale likes to read books