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A beetle in Fable II

Beetles are the weakest and most basic type of enemy that can be found in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, Fable Anniversary, and Fable II. They are usually depicted as large flying insects which come in various colours and sizes.


There are two variants of Beetles in the game: Black Beetles, which are the weakest and more common type of beetle. Then there are Red Beetles, which are slightly more powerful but less common, however, even the latter can only pose a threat in a large swarm, which is also a very rare encounter.

Beetles are the first enemies faced by the Hero of Oakvale. They are first encountered in some barrels inside a few warehouses in Oakvale at the start of the game. As a child, the Hero is tasked with guarding a man's stock which would reward him a single gold piece from his father. However, he can also choose to destroy the man's stock and receive the money that way. When destroying the stock, Beetles will randomly emerge from the container and try to attack the Hero. Even if you don't witness them in Oakvale, they are also encountered as the first enemy in the Guild Woods, during the Hero apprenticeship at the Heroes' Guild. They also appear both in Greatwood, especially if the Hero is at a low level, and in the Temple of Avo, while doing the quest The Ransom Victim.


Name Health Experience Renown Strengths Weaknesses
Black Beetle 10 1 1 N/A Sharpening, Piercing Augmentation
Red Beetle 200 10 3 N/A Sharpening, Piercing Augmentation


In combat, Beetles are usually slow at preparing themselves for an attack. This is because they have two stances, one which allows them to hover and the other where they are able to walk on land. When fighting, they usually prefer a "hovering stance" while striking their opponents.


  • In Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable: Anniversary, there are two barns filled with barrels in Oakvale which can be smashed during the Birthday Gift quest at the start of the game. When choosing to smash the barrels, Beetles can be seen freed from the containers. If you manage to get a town guard to go near the Beetles, then they will start attacking them.
  • The Beetles that can be seen during the Melee Combat Test quest have a very hard time hitting you, even when the Hero is standing still. This could be due to their slightly smaller size to the ones you find outside of this quest.
  • Beetles often spawn in Greatwood. However, due to Beetles requiring a low level to spawn, you can get to a point in the game where Beetles no longer spawn as an enemy because your character is too powerful.


  • Sometimes Wasps and Beetles will randomly ignore the player and other NPCs that walk near them. While they will still ignore you if you push them, this is fixed by simply attacking them.
  • Most NPCs in the game are good at tracking the player while they are moving, but it is possible to find a blindspot for the Beetles by getting behind them when they enter their hover stance or when they prepare their attack animation.


  • In the game files of Fable, it is implied that all the Beetles which can be found in the game are based off Stag Beetles.
  • In the game files of Fable, the red Beetles are implied to be a Queen Beetle. Which could also suggest the black ones are males.
  • The markers used for spawning the Beetles, that can be seen during the Melee Combat Test quest are still labelled as "Scorpion" in the game's level files for the Guild Woods
  • Unused dialogue for the game suggest that a Guard would protect the Guild Woods entrance and would only allow the Hero of Oakvale to enter if he got permission from the Guildmaster first. It's possible that this guard also helped or watched the Hero complete the Melee Combat Test at one point in development, instead of the Guildmaster.

Fable II[]

In Fable II, beetles are also the first enemy encountered by the Hero of Bowerstone (not counting the bully Rex). They are first encountered in the upper floor of Balthazar's warehouse, when the Hero is asked to get rid of them. These beetles however are harmless and will not attack the Hero. They can also be found both in the Guild Cave and Bower Lake. The beetles here will attack upon detection but do not pose much of a threat.


  • The type of beetles which can be found in Fable II have evolved to learn ranged attacks. They also have the ability to spawn on ceilings and walk on walls.


  • Similar to Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, there appears to be a stronger variant of beetle that can take slightly more hits than a common beetle.


  • In Fable II, beetles can jump onto an NPC's face, doing a small but constant flow of damage. The amount of damage the beetle does depends on what type of beetle it is. The NPC will probably be able to throw it off, though, the quicker they do so will depend on the NPC's physique, sometimes the victim will die if they are already hurt or very weak, but it is rare. There is also a unique death sequence that plays when killed; They will fall to one knee, and then backwards onto the floor, dead, as the beetle climbs off the victims face. Note that this can also happen to the Hero, but it is rather rare, and instead of depending on the characters physique the player must instead press a series of buttons. When a beetle if thrown onto the floor, it takes a large amount of damage and that alone can be enough to take out the weaker and/or injured ones.

Fable III[]

  • In Fable III, early on the creatures summoned by the summon creatures potion appear to be some form of beetle. This is their only appearance in the game, although industrial-age robot beetles make an appearance in the Traitor's Keep DLC on Clockwork Island.


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