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Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance Fable Fortune
Status Alive

Barter is the self-styled "most successful merchant in Albion", and is one of the playable heroes in Fable Fortune.


He grew up on a dull grey spike of land jutting out of the ocean, a day’s good wind from the mainland, with little to offer its unfortunate residents other than the Albion’s angriest goat population (official) and a strain of bramble so poisonous that even the goats thought twice before inevitably butting it.

He had arrived alone on the island as cargo, barely more than a toddler –a tag secured around his neck with 'BARTER' scrawled on it in a barely legible hand, whether it was intended to be his name, an instruction, or the ultimate delivery address, he took it anyway, it was as good as any.

He held no memory of his family, and his only possession a single gold coin of unknown origin. He made it a singular point that no matter how desperate those first years were as a homeless dock-rat, he would never spend the coin. He survived on his unerring ability to strike deals, for food, for warmth, for shelter, for his life – for whilst it has been said that Barter could charm the birds out of the sky, he was far more interested in charming gold out of noble’s pockets (birds fetched a terrible price on the black-market, after all).

It has been fifteen years since he washed up on these cruel shores and against all odds 'Barter the orphan', 'Barter the dock-rat', 'Barter the nameless', has become a merchant of substance.

Yet he has grown too big for this bleak spit of land, and spurred on by the stirring tavern stories of adventure on the high-seas, he has finally earned enough to secure his own vessel and crew.

He clutches the gold coin tightly. His fortune calls to him, and as always, he intends to strike a good deal...

Playstyle and Abilities[]

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