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Concept art from the Lionhead website
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Uncle Phineas
Relationships The Hero of Bowerstone (Friend/Possible Business Partner)
Enemies Dash
First Appearance Fable II - Childhood
Last Appearance Fable II - The Hero of Skill
Status Deceased
"You'll be positively betwazzled by the results!"
— Barnum

Barnum is a keen entrepreneur, always with a money-spinning scheme, who makes several appearances during Fable II. He has an unusual vocabulary, which he attributes to his purchase of a thesaurus from Mystical Murgo; he frequently uses ridiculous or made-up words in conversation.

He is first met during your childhood, in which he pays Rose and The Hero of Bowerstone a gold piece to pose for his photography demonstration. The picture can be ruined by making a rude gesture.

Following the death of Rose and Sparrow's subsequent ascension to Hero status, he is encountered in Oakfield, where he purchased the Rookridge bridge and planned to set up a toll. The bridge is destroyed by a gang of bandits, led by Dash, who intend to take over Rookridge. After the bandits are dispatched, he gives the Hero his thesaurus as a reward, and explains that his deeds were revealed to be invalid; this negates the toll scheme, but frees him from the responsibility of rebuilding the bridge.

He is met again in Westcliff for the Westcliff Development quest, in which he seeks a 5,000 gold investment in order to transform the camp into a family-friendly tourist attraction. If the player pays the investment before leaving for the Spire, it will be repaid following their return, plus interest, for a total of 15,000 gold; the region itself will have been turned into a successful tourist trap. During this time, it seems he starts up the picture box business again, and works with Farmer Giles and takes a picture of his son.

Barnum's final appearance is at Bloodstone Manor, where he is shot by Reaver when the latter discovers it will take three months to "developorise" a photograph.


  • Barnum is probably named after Phineas Taylor Barnum, a renowned entrepreneur and con artist who ran a famous circus. He also mentions an uncle Phineas in game.
  • After receiving payment from "The Westcliff Development", Barnum will mention having been to the "Temple of Business and Yodelling". This is a reference to T.O.B.Y
  • In Barnum's information box, he is listed as an "entreprenator", enjoys the Sock Puppet expression, and dislikes being pointed and laughed at.
  • In Fable III, there is a pistol called The Barnumificator. In the description, it is mentioned that the gun was invented by Barnum but he never lived to see its success. This confirms that Barnum is dead.
  • In Fable III, Reaver's stalker, Benjamina, claims to have a bloodstained photograph of Reaver. This is most likely the photograph Barnum took of Reaver in Fable II.