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Bard from Fable and Fable TLC

A Bard is a professional poet that is paid by a Hero to sing songs of their deeds, whether they are good or bad. A Bard's songs will increase the renown of the Hero. The Bard will sing a new short jingle for each quest the Hero has done or each title he/she has acquired. Bards are encountered both in Fable and Fable II.

Fable and TLC[]

It is hinted that the bards encountered in Fable are the same person throughout the game; you will find the hint when you take a trader to Orchard Farm at times the traders will say "Have you seen that wandering bard? Charming chap, can't sing to save his life though".

Fable II[]

The bard in Fable II is called Roland and is found in Oakfield's Sandgoose tavern, Bloodstone's Waterfront and Bowerstone Market the first time you get there.

You can also find villagers labelled as Bards with randomly generated names (ie., David the Bard). However they do not sing but instead tell odd stories. These bards can be found in Fairfax Gardens, Bowerstone Old Town and the Gypsy Camp.

Fable III[]

In Fable III, you can become a bard to earn money. However, you can only play the lute and not sing song of your quests and there are no bards available to be paid to sing of your quests in Fable III.


  • The bard in Fable sings songs about quests you have completed. He may also sing about your age and whether or not you have been divorced or killed your spouse.
  • The bard in Fable sung a song for Lady Grey but it seems she did not like the song and sent him away.
  • According to Fable's lead scriptor, Ben Board, the instrument played between the bard's chantings in the first game are in fact a mandolin played and recorded by himself.
  • In Fable II Roland sings songs of your quests as well if people like, hate, fear, or love you.
  • Roland uses a lute in Fable II, however, in Fable you will not see a lute but you can hear it.