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Bandit Trap
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Side Quest
Preceding Find the Archaeologist
Succeeding None
Start Witchwood Stones
End Witchwood Stones

Bandit Trap is a quest in Fable and The Lost Chapters that can be found in Witchwood Stones after the Archaeologist gets kidnapped. If you are good then you will find two guards near the Demon Door and if you are evil, you will find two bandits. As you reach the stones that you had to strike to spell the name of the door you will meet a man. He will ask you to help save his wife from balverines if you are good, or will ask you join him to kill a trader if you are evil. As you follow him, bandits or guards will ambush you depending on your morality. The man will run away and you will have to fight the enemies. The guards or bandits you passed earlier will also join you in the fight against them. After you kill them talk to the guards or bandits and they say they would like to capture that man. Follow the man and he will give you a resurrection phial for letting him go. Either way you can kill him before the scene triggers by staying far from him, or after the scene with your bow which will earn you evil morality points. On the other hand, letting him go will earn you good morality points.

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