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Bandit Toll
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Bronze Quest Icon.png Bronze Quest
Preceding Guild Training
Succeeding None
Start Greatwood Gorge
End Greatwood Gorge
Reward 200 Gold
150 Renown

Bandit Toll is a Bronze Quest in Fable and The Lost Chapters that appears the first time you enter Greatwood Gorge.


As you enter the Greatwood Gorge map a trader will walk past and mutter "I hope you've got the gold they want, these bandits will kill us all for fun" and the Quest Card will appear in your current quests. Walking further on there are three signs, the first on the close side of the bridge reads "Bandit toll ahead, prepare your gold", the second on the far side of the bridge reads "Bandit toll imminent, get your gold ready" and the last just before the Bandit Toller reads "Bandit toll now, failure to pay will result in your agonising death".

Walking close to the bandit standing just ahead will cause him to initiate a conversation with you and, depending on if you have 400 or more gold or not, he will either say "I smell shinies, 'and em over now" or he will say "M'afraid this is a private road and I don't smell gold, well not enough anyway" and will provide an option for you to pay or refuse to pay, or he will end the conversation and tell you to go back. Paying the 400-gold toll will allow you to pass through at will but will not complete the quest; to turn the bandit hostile you either attack him or just keep walking past, turning all of the bandits in the camp hostile. The easiest way to complete the quest is to just kill the Bandit Leader as all bandits will flee, or you can kill them all and save the leader for last to gain more rewards. Afterwards all of the signs will say "The writing on this has been scrubbed out".

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