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Bandit Spy Extraction
Quest Card Emblem
Type Silver Quest Icon Silver Quest
Preceding  ?
Succeeding Gateway to Hook Coast
Start Bowerstone North
End Bowerstone North
Reward 5800 Gold
400 Renown
Trophies Trader's Head
Boasts 7

Bandit Spy Extraction is a quest available in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. You are hired by bandits to get a spy out of a trader convoy.

Boasts Available Edit

  • No Protection
  • Without a Scratch
  • Fist Fighter
  • Guard Massacre
  • Trader Massacre
  • Pacifist
  • Solo Mission

Description Edit

"A bandit gang asks you to spring one of their spies from a Trader Convoy. Unknown to the spy, a trap awaits him."

A woman named Tanya will be your contact in Bowerstone North; she will explain that you have to rescue a spy before the net closes in on him.

In Bowerstone Jail you will find a group of bandits that will be willing to offer you their help for a price. They are not really necessary but can be used as a distraction. The convoy is protected by many guards, who get stronger the more you advance. Guards can significantly hinder your progress in this quest, so it is recommended that they be killed. Once you find the spy, the other traders may also try to kill him. It must be noted that if the trader convoy reaches the Prison Path, the spy will be killed and the quest failed. Once you return to Bowerstone Jail, more guards will appear and if you didn't hire the bandits, they will probably be killed by the guards. When you get back in Bowerstone North with the spy safe, the quest is complete.

The traders in the convoy carry very valuable items, including augmentations, jewels and food. There are several boasts in this quest, including killing all traders and guards. If you decide to kill all guards, make sure to get the last of them that are found in Gibbet Woods.

How the Quest can be failedEdit

  • If Otto reaches the trap in Gibbet Woods.
  • If Otto dies while trying to escort him back to Bowerstone North.


  • Otto will always be the trader with the long moustache, all the other traders will be the other models without said moustache.
  • The guards are a huge threat to Otto, and can do a lot of damage to him. Be sure to kill the guards before talking to Otto.
  • Otto has very little health, so be sure to have the Heal Life spell in case he gets damaged.
  • Trader Massacre and Guard Massacre kills have to be by the Hero, otherwise the kills won't count meaning the boasts will fail.
  • In the Guard Massacre boast Otto will have to be extracted at Gibbet Woods, otherwise some Guards in Windmill Hill won't spawn.
Fable Anniversary 27 Bandit Spy Extraction

Fable Anniversary 27 Bandit Spy Extraction

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