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Bandit Coast
Fable II Region
Bandit Coast.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests Road to Westcliff
The Archaeologist
Enemies Bandits
Exits Regions
Small Cave

The Bandit Coast, also known as the Green Mile, is a coastal section of road inhabited by, and entirely controlled by, bandits. It connects the forest of Brightwood to the coasts of Westcliff. Some say this scenic stretch is very beautiful, which explains why the legions of Bandits encamp there. Whilst you are in the area, make a point of enjoying the scenery whilst holding off bandit attacks.

You have to travel through this area later in the game with Hammer to get to Westcliff. Near the end of the coast, close to the exit to Westcliff, you are stopped by a barricade made by the bandits, which protects a large bandit camp. It is not possible for you to destroy the gate no matter how strong you are. When you and Hammer are at the gate she will destroy it for you with ease. Once the barricade has been destroyed, you are able to pass through to meet and kill your first Highwayman, a stronger and quicker type of bandit who you will see more often from then on, and to carry on to Westcliff to be able to continue the game. Once the camp has been cleared, the player can sleep in one of the tents to heal.

The Bandit Coast is also one of the areas you must go to to find one of the artifacts needed for the Archaeologist quest. The Bandit Coast also contains many treasures, including two silver keys to be collected and two gargoyles to be destroyed.


Bandit Coast is a forested area filled with cages and tents, Not to mention, as the name mentions, it is filled with bandits.

The region overall has nothing interesting to tell. It only serves as being a road between Brightwood and Westcliff.

Law and Economy[]

Since Bandit Coast is ridden with bandits, there are no traders or guards here. Come prepared.

Fast Travel[]

There is a fast travel location at both ends of the Green Mile.


  • If you venture as far as the Bandit Coast, before the quest Road to Westcliff, and advance to the bandit barricade, you will be able to see the bandits through the fortifications. This is an ideal opportunity to get the achievement, The Teaser, as you can interact with the bandits and not be attacked.


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