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Type Monster
Games Fable: The Lost Chapters (Mentioned)
Fable II (Mentioned)
Fable Legends (Mentioned)

The Balvorn was a terrifying creature in Albion mythology. The Snowspire Oracle stated that the Balvorn existed in a time "when gods and demons were still the primary force." When humans first appeared, the Balvorn would feast on thousands at a time. Only one man ever survived such an attack, and he became the first balverine. (How the balvorn itslef first came to be has never been elaborated on).

Fable LegendsEdit

During the quest The Demon Door, the Heroes have to find out why Old Kingdom artefacts are showing up in Brightlodge's market. Penelope Chumley, the only archaeologist of the town, thinks that outlaws are looting treasures from the demon doors glade and she needs Heroes to investigate. As they pass through the first demon door, The Heroes discover that outlaws and balverines work hand in hand to protect their treasures. Returning to speak to Penelope about that strange phenomenon, the second demon door offers to open. As the Heroes pass through it and battle against outlaws and balverines, the demon door narrate the tale of the Balvorn.

Long ago lived the Balvorn, a beast who spread terror accross the land. One day, a mighty Hero stand against the monster and slew it. Unfortunately, the Balvorn cursed him, changing him into a beast. When the Hero did die, strange flowers grew around his grave, passing the curse to the wanderers.


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