Balverine suit

Player Wearing The Balverine Suit

The Balverine Suit is found in the See the Future DLC. It can be found with the Hollow Man Suit and the Hobbe Suit, and is the second creature suit you obtain on The Costume Party quest. This suit causes people to fear you more, and there is an achievement in which, for it to verify as completed, you have to scare people with it on. You, unlike the actual Balverine, are standing straight, and you run rather differently. Your head is shown between its mouth.

It's warm, it's imposing and it allows you to live out your balverine dreams without all the messy business of being infected or undergoing painful transmogrification.

Headgear: Balverine Suit Headpiece

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Scariness: 10.0%
  • Base Value: 90

Get into the mind of Albion's most feared shapeshifter. Or, more accurately, into the hollowed out head of one.

Coat: Balverine Suit Body

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Scariness: 15.0%
  • Base Value: 280

Made from one hundred per cent original Balverine fur. The smell gives it away.

Feet: Balverine Suit Feet

  • Stars: 3stars
  • Scariness: 5.0%
  • Base Value: 80

These fluffy-clawed boots make perfect novelty slippers.


  • Wear this suit and scare five people to unlock the The Howler achievement.
  • The Balverine Suit Body also uses up the lower body slot.

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