Axe of Disharmony
Axe of Disharmony
Weapon Information
Type Cutting
Damage 99
Base Value 20,200 gold
Augmentations Single Empty Slot
Acquisition Knothole Island
Rating 4stars

The Axe of Disharmony is a unique Axe that can only be obtained from Knothole Island. It is shaped like an electric Flying-V bass guitar.

Description Edit

Originally built by Gordon, Knothole Island's foremost inventor, as an instrument to make a completely new and unique kind of music, it soon proved more useful as a weapon. Its "Whack to the Head in E Minor" is particularly effective.

Location Edit

The Axe of Disharmony can be acquired by trading in two Lutes to Jessica in the Box of Secrets in Knothole Island.

Trivia Edit

  • The Weapon is shaped like a "Flying V" style 4-string electric bass guitar.
  • Just like Hal's Rifle, this weapon does not produce the same sounds as a normal axe. Instead, it sounds just like a guitar being hit against something/someone.
  • Because of its slower swing, it's one of the easier weapons to get The Duellist with.
  • Despite it being a bass guitar, you cannot use the Lute expression with it.
  • It has the highest melee damage in the game, though it is not as powerful as the Daichi because the Daichi has the Devastation and electical damage augments.
  • "Whack to the head in E minor" is a reference to common guitar music; The particular model of guitar this weapon is modeled after, the Gibson Flying V, is a fairly common instrument in heavy metal music, which often is written in the key of E minor.
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