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Avo's Tear
Avos Tear.png
Weapon Information
Type Longsword
Damage 230
Base Value 126250
Augmentations Health
Acquisition Quest Reward
Rating five stars

Avo's Tear is an ancient sword said to be as powerful as the legendary Sword of Aeons. It is available in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary, and can be obtained from the quest The Hidden Sword.


This Sword was imbued with extraordinary power when the Guild Mage Solcius used it in a spell to close a large vortex. For a long time, it has existed only as a myth among acolytes. Its strength rivals even the Sword of Aeons.


The sword was originally only the sword of a common guard until Solcius, the most powerful Guild Mage to ever live, used it as a focus point to close a vortex that threatened to engulf Bowerstone. The sword disappeared soon afterwards. Knowledge of it soon fell into legend until Maze started searching for it as a means to fight against Jack of Blades. Maze however failed to retrieve it because he was not deemed worthy of its power. Later, if the Hero of Oakvale throws away the Sword of Aeons, he is given a chance to acquire the sword. He is judged by three of the most powerful Heroes to ever live: Solcius, Delfe, and Holdr. They deem him worthy and give him Avo's Tear.

Apparently, Nostro, the founder of the Heroes' Guild, ordered the design of two important objects in Albion: the Witchwood Arena, and Avo's Tear. It was modelled after the Sword of Aeons, which had disappeared by that time. This is according to the Tales of Albion at


  • This is arguably the most powerful legendary weapon in the game along with the Sword of Aeons, as both weapons have identical power, damage, attack speed and augments. However, the weapon with the highest damage stat is the Solus Greatsword. It should be noted that it is a light weapon, and can therefore strike more times than the Solus Greatsword per minute, resulting in more damage being dealt.
  • The sword was given identical stats to that of the Sword of Aeons so players who chose the good ending wouldn't be at a disadvantage to players who chose the evil ending.
  • This sword has one of the only three Experience Augmentations on legendary weapons to appear in Fable, the others being held by the Murren Greathammer and the Sword of Aeons. The augmentations of this weapon also give it an advantage over weapons with greater damage.
  • In Fable III, there is a legendary sword called Avo's Lamentation that is stated to be a "sister weapon" to Avo's Tear, having been "forged at the same time, but was lost for centuries."
  • There is sometimes a glitch where when teleporting (while wielding the sword): the sword will appear in the air even after the player has teleported.


  • When walking past the tomb that Avo's Tear can be found at, Whisper will say "This grave looks really old, I wonder who is in there?" despite it being implied elsewhere that this particular tomb is empty.
  • According to co-creator of Fable, Dene Carter: The reason for the inconsistency with Whisper's Dialogue and the plaques for the Heroes Tomb is because the writers and the artists didn't work together when producing assets for the game.



Obtaining Avo's Tear[]


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