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Species God
Gender Male
Enemies Skorm
First Appearance Fable
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Hoax (rumored)

Avo is a god who represents the light side alignment. He is a direct counterpart to Skorm, who represents evil. Two hundred years before the events of Fable, followers of Avo and Skorm fought a holy war, as shown by the Holy Warrior Helm and Daemon Warrior Helm found in the Northern Wastes. There is a temple in Witchwood dedicated to Avo where The Hero can donate money in exchange for different rewards, in addition to an increase in good points based on the amount of the donation. The Oracle claims that Avo and Skorm were created by an enterprising merchant who noticed two spots in Albion where Will was particularly strong - one that gave off a calming aura and one that gave a malevolent aura. He built temples on top of them and started the mythologies associated with Skorm and Avo.

Fable IIEdit

It is revealed in Fable II that some centuries before the game, both churches were overthrown along with the Guild of Heroes. It has recently been replaced by the Temple of Light and the Temple of Shadows, which for some bizarre reason have the exact same customs and rules as the churches before them but less serious and more incompetent, and also seem to not worship either Avo or Skorm, but the gods of Light and the Shadows, respectively.


  • Avo is an Italian word for Ancestor.
  • Considering that Avo's evil counterpart, Skorm, is still worshipped by a small cult in Fable III, as revealed in the description for Skorm's Justice, it is possible that Avo still retains a small retinue of believers.
  • Illustration above is a possible representation, considering there is no real image of him.

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