Augment Remover
Fable 2 augment remover
Type Object
Effects Removes Augments
Base value 550 Gold
Stars 1star

The Augment Remover is a tool in Fable II that removes Augmentations from weapons and places the gem in your inventory. This tool is available only through purchasing the Downloadable Content Knothole Island for Fable II, and can be purchased from the Knothole Stonecutter, Muriel's House of Magical Stones when it opens to the player after completing Knothole Island's Huge Heat.


This item is only found on Knothole Island.

A handly little tool to remove the augments attached to your weapons. Please note that it will not work with the augments attached to Legendary Weapons, due to the magical bond created during the forging of those weapons.


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