The Assassination Society is a guild of assassins who take contracts for killing people, not to be confused with the Highwayman's Guild who wear identical clothing to assassins of The Society. The Hero in Fable II has the chance to work for The Society as a job for money and evil points.

The Society has a very lax criteria for accepting contracts, serving anyone who meets their price. If the Hero chooses to join The Society, some contracts will have explanations like "Makes the most annoying chewing noise" or "Believed to be a witch. The Society does not require proof".

The Society will either approach the Hero for jobs the first time the hero visits Bowerstone Old Town if he/she chose to give Arfur the warrants in the prologue. The second chance to start this job depends on whether or not you help the Temple of Light or the Temple of Shadows before entering the Tattered Spire. If you helped the Temple of Shadows then when you come back to Oakfield, 10 years later, the Temple of Light will be in ruins and the agent for the assassination society can appear there. Thirdly, if the hero does the Red Harvest quest then there will be opportunities to do assassination jobs at Giles's Farm. The last place to start this job is in Bloodstone. The agent can also appear there and is not affected by any decisions by the Hero.

Each mission involves killing a citizen of Albion. Each job is randomly generated and may involve any of the following stipulations:

  • The deed must be done in daylight/darkness.
  • The deed must have witnesses/no witnesses.
  • The target may be paranoid, have guards, or not.

The only confirmed member of The Society (besides the Hero) is Mr. Blank, your contact for missions. However, if the Hero gives the arrest warrants to Arfur, the latter arranges a meeting with The Society for the Hero, implying that he has connections to The Society, or at least uses their services. It seems (from Arfur's dialogue) that his boss, the notorious organized crime boss Nicky the Nickname, has connections to them as well.

Possible ways to kill your target include: melee, ranged attacks, and Will spells. You cannot, however, let anyone or anything else kill it for you. For instance: leading your target into the Hobbe Cave in Rookridge and letting the hobbes kill the target will not work. The only exception to this is the Wheel of Unholy Misfortune in the Temple of Shadows. If the wheel lands on a killing option, that will suffice. If the wheel lands on one of the other choices, such as Turn into Chicken, then a new NPC will spawn beside the Wheel as a replacement assassination target.

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