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For the character in Fable III, see Arthur.
Concept art from the Lionhead website
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone
Relationships Nicky "the Nickname" Chalmers (Boss)
Enemies Derek
First Appearance A Hero's Tale
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive
"You'll be back. And I'll be waiting for ya."
— Arfur

Arfur is a character featured in Fable II. He is a career criminal who lives in Bowerstone.

Arfur first appears duringA Hero's Tale. Sometime during his childhood, he stole an item and fled from the town guards. He came across the young Hero of Southcliff, and gave the item to him. Shortly thereafter, a young guard named Giles appears and asks the young Hero where Arfur went. The Hero then has the choice of either revealing Arfur's position or trying to deceive Giles. Either way, Giles finds Arfur and takes the Hero home.

Arfur is first encountered during Childhood, in which he tries to convince Rose into becoming a prostitute, but she declines, expressing her disgust. Later, the owner of the local warehouse, Balthazar, hires Rose and Sparrow to clear his warehouse of a beetle infestation. Once inside, it is revealed that the beetles were let in by Arfur working under orders from Nicky "the Nickname" Chalmers. He tells Sparrow to smash up Balthazar's stock rather than killing the beetles. His final appearance in Childhood is after Rose and Sparrow have collected all five warrants for Derek, a local guard. Rather than give Derek the warrants, the Hero has the choice of giving the warrants to Arfur.

If Arfur is given the warrants, Old Town becomes infested by criminals and the guards abandon the sector. In gratitude for the Hero's service, he arranges a meeting with some of his associates, the Assassination Society; they will give the Hero work as an assassin. Alternatively, if Derek is given the warrants, Old Town becomes a beautiful, crime-free neighbourhood. Derek explains that Nicky Chalmers and his whole crew were arrested; this does not include Arfur, but he has been driven out of Old Town.

Arfur makes another appearance in the Bowerstone Market, where he is seen near the docks. Having become an associate of the bandit Ripper, Arfur approaches the Hero with a job opportunity. Giles, now a farmer, is posing a problem to Ripper's operations in Brightwood. He asks the Hero to travel to Brightwood and help Ripper by killing Giles. Alternatively, per the Cold Comfort Farmer quest, the Hero can aid Giles by killing Ripper and his gang.


  • Arfur was voiced by Alan Ford.
  • If you decide to destroy Balthazar's stock, Arfur will greet you warmly when he asks for the warrants. If you kill the beetles, he'll greet you coldly.