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Archery Competition
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Bronze Quest Icon.png Bronze Quest
Preceding Break the Siege
Succeeding None
Start Knothole Glade
End Knothole Glade
Reward 100 Gold
100 Renown
Trophies Silver Arrow Trophy
Boasts 0

Archery Competition is a bronze quest in Fable and Fable TLC and, upon completion, remains an open competition that can be replayed as many times as you like.

"Test your bow skills in the Knothole Glade archery competition."

This quest is similar to the "Archery Grading" during your Guild training.
Note: The highest score you attained there will carry over into this quest and become your first high score to beat.


There are various prizes to be won during this competition.

One-time prizes include:

Each time you beat your own high score, you will gain 100 Renown and you will also win one of the following:

If you match your high score, you may win:

Consolation prizes for nearing, but not beating your high score include:

You only need to charge your bow for about 1.5 seconds to achieve max points on any target. Achieving a full bow charge (3+ seconds) won't lead to more points.

If you don't need the one-time prizes right away, it's a good idea to aim for the lowest possible points (while still beating your score from Archery Grading) because it will allow you to easily match your high score and farm 'Ages of' potions.


  • If archery isn't your strongest discipline and you are willing to take the evil points, you can kill the man running the competition. He will drop a bag containing the one-time prizes (Silver Arrow Trophy and Treasure Clue #4) but keep in mind that he will never return to the game and the competition will cease to exist.
  • If you still have the Assassin Attacks quest enabled, there is a chance of having the assassin at Knothole Glade kill the man running the competition. He will drop the bag containing the prizes.


  • Matching your high score is the only way to farm Ages of Might, Will, and Skill potions without making use of the Hero Save glitch. This should be taken into consideration before killing the man running the competition.
  • A very rare glitch can cause two targets which are close to each other to be hit simultaneously. Where the arrow passes through the edge of one hitbox, and hits the other target.

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